An evil demon wolf spirt created by the death of many wolve pack. he was once the wolf Leader and founder of the wolf pack. He also have an obession of Fear of torture to people. He is voiced by Richard Epcar.
Wolf d evil by dragonprince18-d4wyazj

Wolf D'evil


He was once the leader of the Wolf Pack, but he was banished and died. many years later he become a wolf spirit made of many dead wolves.

He came to Goblin King's Castle  to steal the scepter of the Goblin King. He stole the scepter and plan to steal Fairy Princess Willow for his sinister plan to make the world in the age of fear

He appeared and unleashed an army of Bakemon.


He's cruel, Arrogant, obession of Fear and very evil.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has long red hair down to his legs, Turqoise eyes. He wore a black tanktop shirt, blue demin pants and demonic shoe.


  • The Goblin's Quest (debut)
  • 13Nights of Hallwoeen Dates


  • His last name is a pun to devil
  • he's the only wolf who become a werewolf that's not human to werewolf.
  • He fell in love with a werecat named Lena Dupree even though she's a werecat.