Vlonda is one of Ssielk Nav's clone/human being with cyborg components and cybernetic exoskeleton. She want nothing but revenge on Terrangon for leaving his creator. She is voiced by Danica McKellar.


She is one of three created by her father Ssielk Nav and they were very loyal to him.

She, along with Nexev and Croconage were there to witness their father's work with the Superclone, Terrangon. She, Croconage and Nexev tried to explain to Terrangon after he heard Ssielk Nav's plan, but he didn't listen and attack her.


She's very hateful, cruel, sadistic, extremely loyal (only to Ssielk Nav) and arrogant.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has dark skin, dark pink rose hair, heterochromia iridum, with a right blue eye and a left red eye. She wore a green short jacket, red belly shirt, blue short and silver heel boots.


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)
  • Terrangon: Life of a Hero


  • She's was voiced by Danica McKellar who also played Tuppence Terror.
  • She was the leader of the three clones of Ssielk Nav.