Venisa by dragonprince18-d5srku1


Venisa is a clone made by Ssielk Nav with the ability Dani Phantom, Namine and a couple black op ninjas. She and Terrangon ran away from him because Ssielk Nav want to use him as a weapon of destruction. She's a good friend to Terrangon and a sister to him. She's very useful for Terrangon. She is voiced by Mandy Moore.


She was clone made for Ssielk Nav many years and she was sister to Nexev, Vlonda and Croconage only she was bullied and suffered all these years living with them .

During many years, she along with Vlonda, Nexev and Croconage witness ssielk Nav's work and created his superclone, Terrangon.


She's kind, sweet, Sincere, hopeful, caring, tough, smart and cheerful.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has silver hair and grey eyes. She wore a white dress, gray fingerless gloves and white shoe.


  • She may be sweet, carring from the outside, but inside she's tough.
  • She the only person to make a bond with the superclone like brother-sister bond who never bullied her.