Homer Simpson, because of your faith you've ruined makind's chance for salvation.

"The Leader" Is founder from cult sect named the Movementarians in his only appearance is the main antagonist in the whole episode from the animated series The Simpsons titled as "The Joy of Sect".

History Edit

The Leader is the founder of a cult posing as a new religion, the "Movementarians". He aspires to brainwash and dominate the will of the people of Springfield and take their money. Homer is invited to come to an introductory session. Everyone except Homer is brainwashed by their video (which states that all Movementarians will be taken by a spaceship to a new planet). After the cult's other methods fail on Homer, they finally win him over by singing the theme to Batman, replacing the word Batman with the word Leader in the song. The Leader lived in the "Forbidden Barn," and would sometimes observe the workers, while driving around in a black limo, and would wave his visible white-gloved hand to the people.

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