The Goblin's Quest is a horror story written by Dragonprince18. In this story, the Majestic Titans help out the Sarya, the Goblin Princess to protect Fairy Princess Willow from Wolf D'evil.


  • Sarya (Debut and Only Appearance)


  • Trickster


The Goblin Scepter has been stolen by Wolf D'evil and he plan to kidnapped Fairy Princess Willow in order to use both light and dark to make earth to live in fears for halloween night. so now Damian, Jermaine, Miyumi and Rook must help protect the princess from wolf D'evil.


  • This is the only time. Terrence is not in the story.
  • This is the second halloween story of the Majestic Guardians.
  • Even though the Goblin King was the villain, but Wolf D'evil is the main villain for this story.