Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians Unites is a written story by Dragon. This featuring the appearance of the Majestic Guardian come together and the Terrence face his family personally.




Terrence have become a good friend at Brockton and hero of Edenia, but now He needs to save the world a greater threat who plot to destroy the world. the two Keymaster and gatekeeper came to Edenia for a purpose to bring forth the destroyer from Brockton high school rooftop. during their present, Terrence discovered his family is alive which Manfred Silva and Kim Lin is here. HE need to find him to ask him the most important question, but he can't. Terrence can't stop them even the destroyer, so now he needs to form a team to stop them from bringing forth the Destroyer to Earth.


  • Majestic Guardians theme (to the tune of Neo Angelique Abyss)
  • Proud of a boy (Aladdin Deleted song)- Terrence
  • I won't Say I'm in Love (Hercules)- Katara, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo de Nile and Abbey Bominable
  • Be Prepared (The Lion King)- Devatan the Destroyer, Xarn, Nort and Demons
  • Animal I've become (Three days)
  • We are Family (Ice Age Continental Drift)


  • This will be the first time Terrence meet other heores from around the world.
  • This story is semi-based and parody of Ghostbuster and Jessie third season, Ghost Bummer.
  • This feature the Origin how the Majestic Guardians came in
  • Madara have appeared in the story as minor villain, but the series he'll become a major antagonist along witht the Evil Organization
  • This featuring the Silva Family are alive while Manfred tells his son, about what happen during Silva Family Massacre.