Terrangon by dragonprince18-d5m5kk7
Some attributes
First First Appearance: The Lone Clone (cameo)
Second Gender: Male
Third Affilation: Fearless Slayers
Other attributes
Fifth Weapons: Dragon Tail, adamantinium claws. elements and ghost powers
Sixth Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney
Terrangon is a clone/human with a DNA and the abilities and powers of Terrence, Aang, Danny Phantom and Wolverine. He was created by Ssielk Nav, who wants to use him as a weapon of destruction. But Terrangon doesn't want to hurt others and he hates his creator/father along with HYDRA, Cipher, Team Aqua. He is voiced by Jesse McCartney


He was created by Ssielk Nav with DNA of Terrence, Wolverine, Danny Phantom and Avatar Aang.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has blue arrow on his forehead, orange hair turqoise eyes. He wears red tankshirt with yellow shoulderpad, blue short and black boots.


He's a loner and dangerous (like Wolverine), hateful (only to Ssielk Nav), short-tempered (like Terrence and Wolverine), serious (like Danny), although at times, he does display his good natured and caring side (like Aang).


  • He looks a like Terrence Silva, except his wings and tail are green.
  • He has blue arrow on his forehead just like Aang. Although how is unexplained, as the arrow is not supposed to be genetic among Airbenders. Rather, the blue arrow tattoos are actually made by hand as a sign of an Air Nomad mastering airbending. This could be an error on the author/artist's part, or perhaps Ssielk Nav was the one who marked the arrow on Terrangon's forehead after the clone's creation. 
  • He has claws of Wolverine, Danny Phantom's ghost powers, Aang's aerokinetic abilities and Terrence's dragon-like attributes.
  • Out of everyone who been experimented by Ssielk Nav, he was only one didn't suffer after overhearing his former father words.