Ssielk Nav

Ssielk Nav.

Ssielk Nav was a scientist in Cadmus project and he plan to make the ultimate fighter. He helped Zerax for their purpose use. He has Vlonda, Nexev and Croconage that work for him. HE was voiced by Tim Curry.


He sent Nexev to Steal the  Supersoldier formula from Tecknocles for his own purpose. He was seen

Physical AppearanceEdit

He's 45 years old has dirty blonde hair, green eyes. He wore blue shirt, white cape/vest, white gloves, black pants and white boots.


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)
  • Terrangon: Life of a Hero


  • Ssielk Nav was the most dangerous scientist in the world which he allied with Nerokage
  • he was voiced by famous actor, Tim Curry that act many various villains that sound scary and evil
  • He's similar to Scar which he has a brother, Dr. Leo Nav because he was the best son and Ssielk is not.
  • He once had a relationship with Shizuku, but she leave him and soon had a relationship with Dr. Sybil Zane.