Squatt and Baboo - Sentai footage

Squatt and Baboo

Squatt and Baboo are the antagonists of the early Power Rangers series. They first appeared in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and have become minor villains in later series. The two are dimwitted henchmen of the space witch, Rita Repulsa, and the galactic conquerer, Lord Zedd. After the Machine Empire took over their moon base, they fled with Rita, Zedd and the other villains. They were not active until the events of Power Rangers in Space when they were attending Dark Specters gathering of the United Allliance of Evil. By the event of "Countdown to Destruction", they were reduced to sand by Zordon's energy wave. Squatt is voiced by Michael Sorich while Baboo is voiced by Dave Mallow.   


In Return of Tzekel Kan, they're among the villains resurrected by Tzekel Kan to stop the Guardians from rescuing Tulio, Miguel and Chel, who the evil priest plot to sacrifice into the Abyss of Evil. But they were defeated and were turned to sand again before their souls were sent back to the Abyss by Morto. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Squatt is a short alien with blue skin, resembling a cross between a humanoid blueberry and a warthog. He is the dumbest of the duo. 

Baboo resembles a cross between a monkey and a humanoid bat. He is taller and wears a monocle over his left eye. He wears three watches because he hates to be late, but never learns to tell the time unfortunately. Despite this, of the two, he seems to be smarter than Squatt. 


  • In one episode of MMPR, when Rita was momentarily released by the series' supporting characters, Bulk and Skull, she complained "Just what I needed, human Squatt and Baboo!" 
  • Squatt's hobby is collecting slugs and maggots which he keeps in his pocket for lunch, while Baboo catches birds and small animals. 
  • Squatt and Baboo's sentai names are Bookback and Tottpatt respectively. 
  • In the pilot of the original show, Squatt and Baboo were going to be named Grock and Mongo and were going to originally have deep frightening voices. But the makers of the show settled for their current dimwitted voices.