Ocean-Master YJ

Ocean Master.

Prince Orm aka Ocean Master is a main villain in Aquaman, who happen to be the brother of Aquaman. He was once a member of the Light, but left in Disgrace. He is voiced by Roger Craig smith.


He joined the Evil Organization to help Madara Uchiha to revive Tezoth the Evil One.

He came into the main room to see Madara for a mission after Prince Olympius and Newtralizer failed.

He teamed up with Trigona for the plan against the Amazon and Atlantean war, he hostage as Prince Orm by Alexa and Leira. it revealed, War was a set up and sent an operative to steal one of the keys for Tezoth's tomb.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He wore purple suit of armor and green cape. As Prince Orm, He wore a black/red sleeveless Tunis and gold collar around his neck.


  • Terrence 3: Revival of the Dark Fairy (debut)
  • Devil Within (Cameo)
  • Amazon Fury


  • He was once a member of the Light in Season 1 of young Justice, but left in disgrace and replaced
    Prince Orm

    Prince Orm.

    by Black Manta in Season 2 of Young Justice Invasion.
  • He become Prince Orm during Amazon Fury during the plan of the evil organization