Some attributes
First First Appearance: The Loner Clone
Second Gender: Male
Third Affilation: Ssielk Nav
Other attributes
Fifth Weapon: Ice powers
Sixth Voice Actor: Derek Stephen Prince
Nexev is one of Ssielk Nav's human/clone with the power ice-like powers and waterbending. He's cold and vow to have revenge on Terrangon for leaving Ssielk Nav. He is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince.


He was one of three clones created by Ssielk Nav. He always follow Ssielk Nav's order and take command of his two of siblings. He was sent by Ssielk NAv to steal the Supersoldier formula from Tecknocles.

He along with Venisa, Vlonda and Croconage were watching ssielk Nav creating his superclone for the Audience during the very day.


He's cold, heartless, emotionless, merciless, extremely loyal (only to Ssielk Nav), very intelligent and uncaring.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has green eyes and blonde hair. He wore dark blue jack underneath a black/white shirt with blue broken heart on it, blue jean and black sneaker.


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)
  • Terrangon: Life of a Hero


  • His name is spelled backward for Vexen.
  • He was voiced by Derek Stephen Prince who was voiced by Vexen.
  • He's a lot like Vexen, since he's very intelligent and has ice powers.