Miyako is a kunoichi from Hidden Mist village. She's a very intelligent girl and loyal advisor for Mei Terumi and fellow ninja, Gekko. She follow where Gekko and listen every order he gave her. She felt like Gekko is the only person he's alone in the world all because of the curse in Mount Koryu, but he's not.She is voiced by Priscilla Everett.


She along with Teruko was brought to the Kage Summit with Mei Terumi to stay with Gekko as a team as well as a Majestic Guardians.


She's strategic, smart, supportive and wise.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She's 16 years old with hazel brown hair, amber eyes. She wore a blue headprotector with the Hidden mist symbol on it around her neck, pink shirt with her shows her stomach, black short and lavender heels.


  • She's the opposite of Teruko. She rely on strategy while Teruko rely brute Strength