Miss Martian
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Some attributes
First First Appearance: Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians
Second Unknown
Third affilation: Majestic Guardians
Other attributes
Fifth Weapons: Telepathy
Sixth Voice Actor: Danica McKellar
Miss Martian is a character from a DC comics based animated series Young Justice. She is a martian and part of the junior faction of the Justice League of America. In fanfiction, she's a one of the founding members of the Majestic Guardians. She is voiced by Danica McKellar. Her catchphrase is "Hello Megan!" whenever she realizes something. 


She along with Joey were brought to the Silva  Family Castle by Vincent van Ghoul. She and the Guardians came to Brockton High to stop Xarn and Nort from unleashing Devatan, the Destroyer. But then he crossed over to Earth. She and the Guardians fought together to sent him back where he belongs. After saving the world, she decided to stay as a member of the Majestic Guardians.

She and the Guardians were sent to Kage Summit with Tsunade, only she need them outside for precaution. She was reading Terrence's mind and found him troubled by his past. She was soon listen to Terrence's conversation about her sister and his relationship, she felt sad at Terrence for experiencing his life he had to go through. After cheering Terrence up, they wanted to hear the Kages' discussion about event with Devatan, only to be blocked off by Teruko and Miyako. She and the Guardians fought Terrence's sister, Nique who is now Draqueen with an army of Technodron.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has green skin, amber eyes.shoulder length red hair. She wore a white shirt with red x on it, blue cape, blue gloves and ankle high boots.


She's bubbly, exceptionally sweet, polite and caring. She's also shy.


  • She was member of Teen Titans and Young Justice in the comics.
  • In the Young Justice TV series. Her true form is that of a White Martian. She hid this form from her teammates until someone blackmail her to do his or her bidding.