Miguel and Tulio.

Miguel and Tulio are the protagonists of The Road to El Dorado. Both were best friends and partners in crime in Spain during the Age of Exploration. They traveled to El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, after winning a map from a bet. It was at the city where they met a girl named Chel, who helped them out when they scammed the inhabitants of the city into believing they are gods to obtain their gold.

Tulio is voiced by Kevin Kline while Miguel is voiced by Kenneth Branagh.


In the Majestic Guardians stories, Miguel and Tulio and stay in Edenia after they saved El Dorado by blocking its entrance. . 

Physical appearanceEdit

Miguel has blonde bobcut hair, green eyes and a beard. he wore a red shirt, brown pants and shoe.

Tulio has black hair in ponytail, blue eyes and a goatee. He wore a blue shirt, brown vest, greenish brown pants and brown shoe.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night (Debut)
  • Majestic Guardians Movie: Revenge of Tzekel Kan


  • Tulio haas a relationship with Chel whileas Miguel doesn't have a girlfriend until Majestic Guardians Movie: Revenge of Tzekel Kan. He will be dating Dragonprince18's OC, Basilia.
  • Since the events of the movie takes place during the Age of Exploration (starting in the 1490s), it is unknown how they and Chel live that long while still retaining their age. Plus Cortez is based on the real life explorer/Conquistador, Hernan Cortes de Monroy y Pizarro. So it could be that the events of the original movie occurred in the 1510s. However, since this is the Majestic Guardians universe, real life history probably does not apply, thus the universe which the Majestic Guardians series take place defy all known aspects of space and time, making time and history not always necessarily relevant. However, if one were to simplify the theory, since this is the multicrossover fanfiction universe, history and time flow probably functions differently than the real world.Or it could be that the event from The Road to El Dorado takes place in the present time, and that the Cortez of our time period is a separate entity from the real life Hernan Cortes, the latter who existed approximately 600 years ago.