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Jermaine is a friend of Omi and the Xiaolin Monk in the Xiaolin Showdown. he is voiced by Late Lee Thompson Young.


He joined the Majestic Titans after the Silva Family Massacre. he, and others help Sirius and Tsunade to stop Toshin, the aztec God of Fighting.


He was Streetwise, laidback and relaxed kid, but he's very good at physical activities when needed to be.

Phyiscal AppearanceEdit

He has small black hair, black eyes. he wore a white shirt underneath red/blue jersey shirt with a 7 on it, red pant and blue shoe.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night
  • The Goblin's Quest
  • Biological Nightmare


  • HE appeared in two episode in Xiaolin Showdown.
  • He's a skilled basketball player.
  • HE's the only monk who doesn't have the dragon element.
  • This reveal he knows about the Wakandan Culture and know about the Black Panther.