Avengers Assemble - Blood Feud - Dracula

Dracula, King of the Vampires

Vlad Dracula is an enemy of the Avengers in Avengers Assemble. He is the king of all vampires in Transylvania. He's also a member of the Cabal and voiced by Corey Burton.


He was seen barely seen during a conversation with Wolf D'Evil.

He was joined the Evil Organization to help Madara Uchiha to revive Tezoth the Evil One.

Physical appearanceEdit

He has pale skin, red eyes and white hair in ponytail. He wore a dark red armor and purple cape.


  • The Goblin's Quest (only in shadow; cameo only)
  • Terrence 3: Revival of the Dark Fairy (debut)


  • He and Red Skull are the only two members of the Cabal to be in the Evil Organization.
  • As stated by Captain America in Avengers Assemble, he is the king of all vampires. And to refer to him as a count is an insult. 
  • He is based on the titular character by Bram Stoker, who in turn based him on a real life Romanian prince, Vlad the Impaler.