The Destroyer

Devatan, The Destroyer.

Devatan, the Destroyer is the destroyer of worlds. He has two minions, the Keymaster and Gatekeeper for them to open a portal for him to crossover to Earth in order to destroy it and remake it in his image. He is voiced by Jude Law.


He attempted to destroy Earth a millenia ago but was defeated by the Order of Light who sent him back to his dimension.

During the year of 2008, He sought to return to destroy and remake Earth with the help of Nort, the Gatekeeper and Xarn, the Keymaster.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has skull-like head with horns, yellow eyes and red gem on his foreheard, wings and demon tail. He wore a dark demonic armor.


  • Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians Unites (Debut)


  • His name is an amalgamtion of Devil and Satan.
  • He is inspired by Gozer the Gozerian from the Ghostbusters film and Zorag the Destroyer from third season of Jessie..
  • Devatan was voiced by Jude Law, who played Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians.