Some attributes
First First Appearance: The Loner Clone
Second Gender: Male
Third Affilation: Ssielk Nav
Other attributes
Fifth Weapons: Water, Claws and Tentacles.
Sixth Voice Actor: Steve Blum

Croconage is one of Ssielk Nav's clone and brother of Nexev, Vlonda, Terrangon and Venisa. He was one of three minions who worked for Ssielk Nav, with dna of crocodile, octopus, dragons, aquaman. He has power water, brute strength, bind his enemy with tentacles. He is voiced by Steve Blum.


He was one of the three created by Ssielk Nav. He, Vlonda and Nexev have been serving Ssielk Nav for a mission and become his children.

He was there with Venisa, Vlonda and Nexev while watching their father to creating his superclone, Terrangon. After Terrangon and Venisa tried to escape, they went confront him only to be defeat and escape from them.


He's insane, crazy, brute, vicious and Brute. He always laugh for no reason at all.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He's a crocodile hybrid with octopus' tentacle and green scales


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)
  • Terrangon: Life of a Hero
  • Byron's Tale


  • He was one of the crazy clone who laugh all the time.
  • He likes to make Nexev annoy at this.