Cooler is Frieza Brother and Main antagonist of Dragonball Z Movie: Cooler's and Dragonball Z Movie: The Return of Cooler. He was seen watching Frieza destroying the entire Saiyan Race. he soon come to earth to get revenge for killing frieza. He fought Goku and defeated. he is voiced by Andrew Chandler.


He and Frieza came to the Edenia and fought Terrence. once Frieza is destroyed by Terrence, he fought Terrence on his in his transformed state. but he was soon destroyed by Terrence.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has purple skin, red mark on his face and white armor plated. in his transformed state, he has four horn-like crown, red eyes with no pulp. and spikes on his forearm.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night


  • In the series, He and Frieza don't team up. but Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night.
  • Cooler has survived two movies before being destroyed by Goku in Dragonball Z Movie: The Return of Cooler.
  • Cooler was brought back from the Dead in his final form in Dragonball Z Movie: Fusion and a cameo appearance in Dragonball GT.