Azari Stance NAHT


Azari is a character from The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. He is the son of Black Panther and Storm, making him the prince of Wakanda. He was part of the Next Avengers.


He along with Ventus, James, Pym and Torunn came to Edenia to help Terrence and the rest to stop Devatan. After Devatan was defeated, he decided to stay in Edenia and become a member of the Majestic Guardians.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has no hair, gold eyes and tatto on his arm. He wears a dark blue suit and gloves.


  • Since in the Majestic Guardians universe, all of the Next Avengers' parents are alive and well, it is highly possible that Azari will be king of Wakanda in the future.